Montgomery County 4-H provides a large variety of educational, leadership, citizenship, and life skills development opportunities through membership in local clubs or groups.  There are different types of  4-H clubs or groups including:

Community 4-H clubs (9 through 18 years of age) offer a variety of general interest 4-H projects for their members, generally meet in public buildings in a specific community of the county, meet 9 to 12 months of the year, and have elected youth officers.

Project 4-H clubs (9 through 18 years of age) focus on a single 4-H project or subject matter area (i.e. horse clubs, photography clubs, etc.), generally meet in public buildings, meet 9 to 12 months of the year, and have elected youth officers.

Special Interest 4-H groups (9 through 18 years of age) have short-term learning experiences designed to create interest in a subject matter area, learn about 4-H, and have no elected youth officers.

Cloverbud 4-H groups are designed for( 5 through 8 years of age) who are introduced to 4-H through special learning activities designed for their age group. There are no elected youth officers and no competitive events for Cloverbuds.

For more information about 4-H clubs in Montgomery County, see sidebar links to the right. If you are interested in enrolling in a specific club or group, e-mail one of the following Extension 4-H staff:

If you do not have internet or e-mail access, please call the Montgomery County Extension office at 540- 382-5790 and ask to speak to one of the Extension staff listed above.

The 4-H Extension staff will forward your request for additional club or enrollment information to the respective club leaders. Club leaders can then provide detailed information about space availability, club activities, meeting schedules, etc. If you do plan on joining a club, you will need to complete 4-H online enrollment which includes all required paperwork for club membership. Please read all Instructions for 4-H Online Enrollment before starting the enrollment process.  

Virginia 4-H is a volunteer led organization. The availability of clubs and programs is dependent on having approved and trained volunteer leaders. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer leader for a club or program, please contact 4-H Extension Agent, Michelle Dickerson at

The Montgomery County 4-H Livestock Club focuses mainly on livestock projects including sheep, goats, swine and beef as well as livestock judging, stockmans, and meats judging. The club typically meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Alphin-Stuart arena at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg.  

Club Leaders: Scott Greiner, Joi Saville, and Tracey Redifer

The 4-Him 4-H Junior Club meets every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from September-May, at Harvest Baptist Church in Blacksburg, VA. Our meetings are from 1:00-3:00 p.m. The Junior members range in age from 8-13 years old. Each Junior pays $20.00 per year in dues. We accept new members in September of every calendar year. We complete project books that include hands-on activities, take some field trips, do community service projects, and work on a public speaking presentation. Our Junior members are eligible to run for Junior club offices to gain leadership experience. We have a lot of fun while learning valuable life skills such as caring for others, working hard to complete tasks, practicing our public speaking abilities, volunteering in and being aware of our community, and developing team unity.  

Club Leaders: Tracy Kimzey, Kim Hedrick, and Susan Burch

The Senior 4-Him 4-H Club is a community club whose focus includes building strong leadership skills, offering community service opportunities, and studying a wide range of projects including but not limited to wildlife, outdoor adventure, entrepreneurship, public speaking, citizenship, performing arts, photography and art. The club meets from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at Harvest Baptist Church in Blacksburg. The club year runs from September through May, and club meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month (exceptions: only the 2nd Friday of the month in both November and December).  

Club Leaders: Julie Fuller and Donna Wells

The County Kids 4-H Club is a community club for youth, ages 9 to 18. The club meets in Riner, usually on the 4th Friday evening of each month, and works on a variety of projects from food preservation, horses, woodworking, natural resources, and others based on club member interests. The club promotes leadership through club officers and other leadership opportunities.  

Club Leaders: Eliza West and Kelly Brennan

The NRV Sharpshooters is a project club. The 4-H Shooting Education program uses shooting as a vehicle to help young people ages 9 to 19 develop life skills such as discipline, responsibility, and leadership. Through 4-H shooting sports certified leaders, the NRV Sharpshooters offer the following shooting disciplines – archery, rifle, and shotgun. Through these disciplines, youth learn firearm safety and basic marksmanship skills. The club meets twice per month from March through early September on Tuesday afternoons, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at Izaak Walton League Park in Shawsville.  

Club Leaders: Michelle Dickerson, Pat Burch, Lesa Miller, and Joe Chase